Why Your Business Needs A Mobile Website

Why Your Business Needs A Mobile Website

First, lets understand what a mobile website is. A mobile website is a website that has been optimised to function better and differently to a standard desktop computer. This helps the consumers use the website.

Mobile devices have smaller screens meaning that the small buttons and links that we often see on standard websites are difficult to use. Mobile devices usually don’t have the ability to use a cursor.

Thumbs and fingers are generally used on mobile devices to navigate. These less delicate tools require some optimisation on most websites. Larger buttons and text help the customer to navigate and use the website more effectively without becoming frustrated.

diagram of people using mobile phones

Without A Mobile Friendly Website, You Could Be Alienating Potential Consumers

Many people who use mobile devices for their access to the internet will not return to a non-mobile friendly website. This is true even when they next use a desktop computer. So you will have instead lost this potential customer.

Consumers may also only have a mobile device meaning they may never get the opportunity to use your website effectively. This can be overcome by making it mobile friendly and optimised for mobile usage.

It is common in many countries for business people to commute significant distances to and from their workplace on public transport. This is prime time for many business websites to catch a captive (and bored) audience who are more susceptible to being enticed by your product or service.

60% of Kiwis have a smart phone

This is a percentage that is mirrored or significantly increased across the globe. Those in developed countries often have access to both a desktop and a mobile device. Yet just because a consumer has seen your website on a mobile device doesn’t mean if it isn’t accessible they will return to it on a computer. You may have lost your chance to engage this customer.

Additionally, many people in developing counties only have access to mobile devices. These are often limited by slower internet speeds and out of date software. If you are planning promoting your business worldwide it is important to grasp who will be interested in your product or service, when they will be interested, and how they will access it.

Talk To Your Web Developer

All experienced website developers will be able to offer you a mobile friendly website. You should however always talk to your web design team about your audience and how you expect them to use your website. This will help them to create a website which suits your businesses requirements.

There are different levels of mobile friendly websites that you may wish to consider. This is especially important if a majority of your audience are likely to access your website this way. For example, a mobile friendly website will look a lot like the desktop version but will be adapted to meet your mobile customers requirements.

A Mobile First and adaptive website will make sure that the design of this interface is prioritised above that of a desktop website – as such both versions of the website will be accessible to all of your consumers. This type of development can often be more expensive though so speak to your team about what is best for you.