Here's Why Your Website Needs A Blog

Here's Why Your Website Needs A Blog

A business’s website is a vital business tool. It’s not simply a static page, it’s somewhere that acts as the hub of your business, particularly if you run a virtual brand, that is. A website acts as an opportunity to create a connection with new visitors, which is where a blog comes in.

Ask any successful business owner about their thoughts on business’s having blogs, and they will absolutely, without a doubt say how important a blog is for a business. If your website lacks a business blog, now is the time to change that – do this and you will see your page views, domain authority and conversions rise.

Not convinced that starting a blog is the right step for your business to take? Have a read of a handful of the benefits of doing so, below.

Supercharge your site’s SEO

SEO is crucial for website success, there’s no getting away from that fact. When you launch a blog, this increases the number of pages your website has, this, in turn, tells Google that it’s an active site. What this means is that Google will give your site more time. If you want to raise your website’s domain authority, which is crucial for increasing page rank, improving SEO is vital, and adding a blog to your site can do that.

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Attract more relevant people

Wondering how to attract more relevant users to your website? It’s simple really: add a blog. (Adding a blog isn’t the answer to every business concern by the way, but it can be highly effective for dealing with some crucial ones.) Say a consumer is searching Google for an answer to something and you have a blog post on that topic, they will come across your blog (or they will do if it ranks highly in Google). This means that even though they haven’t searched for a service you offer, your blog has brought a user to your site, increasing your customer base organically.

You can build increased trust

Trust is key in business. Want to build a business that consumers trust, then a blog is a must-have feature. Why? Because when you are sharing content about the area that your business works within, you establishing yourself and your team as experts in your field, which is important for consumers. Plus, by sharing your company’s views on a certain topic, you become more relatable and customers feel a closer connection to you.

Give your engagement a boost

Business success is all about engagement. When it comes to website design, the overall aim is to build a site that gets plenty of engagement. Having a blog in place can make this dream a reality. You’ll find that by sharing blog posts on social media, your brand becomes relatable and your consumers begin to engage with you more, building up a strong relationship. This is a key factor when it comes to business success, and another reason why having a blog attached to your website is crucial.

These are just a few simple reasons why every business should add a blog to its website. There are plenty of other benefits too, these are just the start. Check out another blog post about what type of content you should post on your blog here.