Why Not To Order Your Website From Us

Why Not To Order Your Website From Us

Web designers, everyone seems to have someone to recommend, someone who can help or “can totally do that for you mate. On my street along there are approximately 21’384 web designers available to do the job you want at all ranges of the pricing spectrum.

But why would you choose us? Surely, it’s a buyers’ market and you can easily find anyone to build or amend you existing website no matter what your budget is?

I can honestly say that I wouldn’t want to be in your position of trying to choose a website developer. I mean, every man and his dog can put together a website in this day and age, right?

We Cost Too Much

You know it, and I know it too, my services are too expensive! I mean why would you spend so much money on a website you can make yourself. You could even get Jamie’s friends uncles neighbour to do it for you for a few notes and a box of chocolates at a push.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know we spend to much time doing the boring stuff. We spend too much time making websites “different”. This bespoke nonsense costs money, we do a job, so we charge the big bucks! We even do the crazy boring stuff like test your website to make sure it works. I can assure you won’t be wasting your hard-earned pennies getting that privilege from the know it all down the road.

Woman at a desk with fans of cash

We Don’t Visit

We get a lot of customers order with us every month, we don’t need to beg you for your custom or upsell you products you don’t need. If you want someone to visit you in the office with a shiny briefcase, suit and slideshows about your website – we’re not the right web design agency for you.

We’re web designers, also known as nerds and geeks! We’re good at the websites, design and building but put us in a room and expect us to be sociable with people we’ve never met before and you’re pushing your luck.

On the other end of the spectrum if you want this – you need to pay us more! We’re not here to tell you what you want and need whilst drinking your coffee, we’re here to give you what your business/company needs – nothing more nothing less – I mean why pay for something you don’t need? Cray Cray as my daughter would say (and will probably tell me is already out of date – see! This is why we prefer to work in the comfort of our own office!)

That being said, if you want to finance our nights in fancy hotels, mobile phones with all the data we can’t possibly use, all expenses paid meals out and even pay for my fancy shoes – I certainly won’t complain!

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Don’t Slate Manchester!

Don’t even bother asking us for that quote request if you don’t like Manchester, we’re passionate about this city we call our own. Yeah, the traffic’s a nightmare, there’s potholes in every road and pedestrians everywhere. Just when you thought you were on a nice safe stretch of road you realise you’re in the oncoming path of a tram! The adrenalin boost of that particular scenario is a better wakeup call than any coffee they make at Starbucks that’s for sure!

That being said, this city has spirit! It’s a city of entrepreneurs and enthusiastic business people thriving despite the current climate. If you don’t want your money going to this kinda place – go find another company. We’re proud to say we support these Mini Alan Sugars and part of our profits go down the drain into supporting them.

We Don’t Specialise In Certain Design Techniques

We make websites every single working day, because of this we get bored of building the same old website – If you come to us your website WILL be different. No copying the trend, we want to have fun with your website. We’re geeks! It’s either this or we’ll doss around all day playing Dungeons and Dragons.

If you want a run of the mill website that says corporate business with a monotonous design – go, choose someone else. Corporate people are still human beings (believe it or not)! If you give them 15 websites that all look the same and slot a spicy Go Spider website in the middle – it’s going to catch their attention. It doesn’t have to be bright pink to achieve this either (don’t get me wrong we love a bit of pink) – we just know how to make websites jump out at people.

Business woman and a young boy and balloons

Think Of Our Families!

Practically there are probably loads of other considerations when choosing a web design agency. But the point of this article what to show you why we are not the agency for you. We’re antisocial, bored, workaholics, who are neglecting their poor families whilst designing websites that awaken the butterflies in our tummies.

Think of the children! Don’t order from a company like Go Spider Web Design.