Why I'm Proud To Live In Manchester

Why I'm Proud To Live In Manchester

Manchester is a city that’s famous for a large number of things, two of the most iconic of which are the worker bee, a symbol of strength and resilience, and for having a ballsy amount of self-confidence. Manchester is a city that has always believe in itself, which is why it’s such an incredible place to live and work.

This northern gem is the city that incubated suffragism, communism, and vegetarianism, in addition to a range of other important advancements that had the sole aim of improving life for humanity. Today, progress, creativity and discovery are still at the forefront of what drives Manchester to be such a remarkable place.

In 2017, when a horrendous act of terrorism shook the city, the city was not divided, instead, it came together. The attitudes of tolerance and inclusion became even stronger for the communities within this multicultural city. This is just one of many reasons why I’m proud to be Mancunian.

Want to know what else makes me proud to say that I was born and bred here? Then read on, for everything that you should know about this incredible city.

Voted The UK’s ‘Most Liveable City’

One of the things that I personally love most about Manchester is the environment that it offers. It’s such a multicultural and welcoming place, so much so that it’s been voted the ‘UK’s most livable city’ on many occasions, beating London, Edinburgh and Birmingham. This title really says something about the city and the people, not to mention the quality of life.

food festival in Manchester

The Food Is Amazing

For any foodie, Manchester is the place to be. The food is incredible. It’s not just the quality of the food but the wide range of foods on offer here. The diverse culture here means that there are foods from every country in the world on offer, from French and Italian to Thai, Mexican, Lebanese, Turkish, and Russian cuisine, among many other options. Manchester is, quite literally, a foodie’s dream.

The Music Heritage Is Incredible

There’s nowhere quite like it for music. Manchester has the best music heritage in the UK, if not the wider world. Oasis, The Smiths, New Order, Happy Mondays, The Stone Roses – need I go on? These are all bands that originated here or have a strong link with this incredible city. Even after the horrific act of terror at a concert in 2017, the people of Manchester still continue to celebrate music like no one else can.

It’s The Unofficial Sports Capital

If you love sports, like I do, then you will know that Manchester is a city that offers some amazing sports opportunities. Not only can you watch a range of sports, from football at Old Trafford or the Etihad to cricket or swimming at the Manchester Olympic Pool, you can also immerse yourself in sports and become a part of the local sports teams.

The Location

The location that Manchester holds is the key to why it is such a loved city. It’s great for leisure and family life but also for business. Manchester has some amazing transport links, such as the UK’s third largest airport and an amazing train line, which means that running a business is much easier here than in many other places across the UK.