People Judge The Credibility Of A Business Based On Its Website

People Judge The Credibility Of A Business Based On Its Website

Studies show that 75% of people judge the credibility of a business based on the design on a website. This is something that shocks a lot of people. However if you think of it from a different point of view you may feel differently.  Imagine walking through the Trafford Centre browsing the shops when you see a dated shop. This shop has dirty windows and a big long staircase to get to the door – would you want to enter? I thought not. Consider now that the dated shop is actually a dated website with slow loading times and isn’t mobile friendly. This is exactly what customers consider when using websites. Your website needs to make a good impression for the customer to remain on the site.
infographic showing percentages and charts about websites credibility

Direct Impacts On Conversion

Changing simply the design elements of a web page for a marketing campaign can produce surprisingly big lifts in conversion. Websites have a fantastic capability to engage customers with sales talk and marketing without them even being aware. Customers are often put off by the hard sell of a businessman or woman. Website users are converted by the hard facts of the businesses profile. Nothing is sweeter than a business that can sell itself.

Credibility And Engagement Go Hand In Hand

If customers use a website that they don’t feel suits the business they may begin to doubt its overall credibility. Cheaply made websites with broken links will very quickly dis-engage customers. It is very important to entice your customer into wanting to use your website. This can be done by providing the best possible service in all available aspects of your website. Services can include the overall website speed, ease of access and how easy it is to use. Functionality on more complicated sites is vital. This must be undertaken by someone with experience to ensure the end product is exceptional.

Mobile Use Is Increasing

In 2018 even older generations of customers are engaging with widely available mobile technology. Mobile apps and websites are easier to use than those on a desktop computer. Those in 3rd world countries such as Africa are also engaging with the internet using mobile phones. Mobile devices are widely available unlike traditional desktops. If you are considering creating a website to engage customers in other countries it is important to consider how they will access your website. Some countries often have different limitations such as slower internet – this can easily be remedied by a company that understands and can optimise your site.