Travel Disruptions And The Ramifications They Cause Businesses

Travel Disruptions And The Ramifications They Cause Businesses

Living in the centre of Manchester (or almost any other city within the UK) is expensive. The accommodation provided within the city centres is often small, cramped and honestly overpriced – but very useful for those of us who like a lie in on a morning.

Most Mancunians who work within the city centre commute to work on a daily basis. This is expensive, but cheaper than living within walking distance and also crowded. Okay, crowded is an understatement.

Travelling By Car

queues on motorway to manchester

If you travel by car expect to be in long queues every single working day as you all head in the same general direction. But at least you can have your home comforts, listen to your own radio, not have to have your luggage on your shoulders for the whole journey and if you have a family you can do a quick drop and go via the school or childminders if that suits your working hours.

Once you get to your destination however, once you’ve burned all that money whilst sitting still in queues you’ll find yourself in an over priced car park that your go to every single day. Usually you’ll find yourself parking in the same car parking space every day and muttering about the same elevators being out of service. The extortionate price of your parking ticket clearly doesn’t go towards the upkeep of the building.

If you travel by car we recommend car sharing. At least that way you can share the price of fuel and parking charges – and even get to use special 2+ people lanes in certain areas designed to encourage people to car share.

Travelling By Train

huge crowds at station

You’ll find news reports on the state of the UK’s train service every day if you look. This is because there are problems and issues to report every single day.

If it’s too hot, the trains won’t run, if it’s too cold the trains will be cancelled. If it’s raining too heavy, the trains will be delayed and if the sun is shining the train staff will probably be striking. If you find yourself with perfect conditions for a train ride – be prepared for the timetables being changed and the chaos that ensues for months afterwards.

If you get the train prepare for not having a seat, seeing the same fed up people every single day and of course the delightful smell of other passenger’s excrement wafting through from the toilets.

Travelling by Bus

fed up commuter on a full bus

Buses are always a delightful way to travel, starting with the bus stops that smell of urine. Waiting for buses that may never arrive and if they do might just drive straight past you if they are already overly full. I can assure you that if you have a meeting first thing in the morning your bus WILL be delayed, full or just not turn up at all.

Once on your bus be prepared for a grumpy bus driver with no change for your weekly ticket, and the lingering smell of body odour. Your bus will almost undoubtedly be held up by at least one OAP who decides today is the day to challenge their free passes only being available to use after 9am.

If you’re luck your bus won’t break down at the beginning of your journey.

Walking From Your Expensive Home In The City

walking commuters

Walking sounds delightful after all the scenarios I’ve just written about right? Wrong. You may get an extra hour in bed, but the city is a noisy place to live so expect to be kept awake most nights by people on the street or people in your shared hallway. Once you get to sleep later than everyone else you will need the lay in to catch up.

Once you leave your cramped and expensive accommodation you’ll be greeted by the view of thousands of equally miserable people going about their morning commute, desperately searching for somewhere to supply a copious amount of caffeine without a 15 minute wait. You’ll be shoved, you’ll be pushed and you still have to carry your luggage to your place of work. Maybe life with a garden wouldn’t be too bad eh?

Running A Business With These Conditions Is Hard

Running a business in the city is hard. You need to be understanding of your staff’s daily struggle but also run a business that opens on time daily. We recommend offering staggered working hours for staff with the option to use a flexible working period each day so if they are delayed by public transport (or by children in my case) you don’t need to punish them, but you still get all the hours work you are paying them for.