9 Tips To Boost The Conversion Rate When Building Your Website

9 Tips To Boost The Conversion Rate When Building Your Website

When a business builds a website there are many things you will aim to provide for your customers. But the ultimate goal with each visitor is to turn them into a lead, a sale and profit. So here at Go Spider we’re explaining how you can make sure your site does exactly with nine simple points.

1) Focus On Your Landing Page

A landing page is self-explanatory. It is the page a visitor will first see or ‘land’ on when they visit your site. Make sure you create landing pages with a strong call to action.

2) Test And Evaluate

You can test your landing pages and calls to action by evaluating how visitors behave on those pages. This enables you to improve them if they are not having the desired effect.

3) Control Your Visitors Journey Through The Site

Take the time to consider exactly how you would like a visitor to journey through the website and optimise the call to actions and such accordingly.

4) Sketch Your User Experience

When you commence building a website you are starting with a blank canvas. By sketching out your ideas you can visualise different options.

5) Ensure The Experience Of The Visitor Is Valuable To Them

The user experience is the core of how your website, and therefore your business, is perceived. Develop a focus on what your visitors needs and wants are so you can tailor the site to meet them. This increases the likelihood of those visitors engaging with you.

6) Stand Out From The Crowd

All websites are unique due to their content, but many are not remotely memorable to visitors. You can use a variety of tools such as images, video, colours and typography to ensure your visitors remember your website.

7) Use Strong Branding Techniques

Your brand is one of your main selling points so flaunt it. Research shows customers connect with brands and are loyal to them.

8) Use Testing To Appraise Performance

Digital marketers can use a technique known as A/B split testing to measure performance. By analysing the results attention can then be focused on what is working which in turn leads to an increase in conversion rates.

9) Utilise Analytic Tools And Record Conversion Rates


By running analytics you can pinpoint what is and isn’t working on your website. Checking the average time visitors spend on a page and the bounce rate will enable you to recognise which pages need stronger calls to action.

Conversion Tracking

Monitoring and tracking your conversions allow you to see where those conversions are coming from. This helps in formulating an effective marketing strategy.

infograph explaining steps to take when building a website to increase conversion rates

Putting these strategies at the forefront of your web design strategy and the subsequent management of the website will have a positive effect on conversion rates. The primary purpose of a business is to make profit so can you really afford to ignore these tips?

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Here at Go Spider Web Design we offer a range of web design services and online support. We work alongside you to create a website that is unique to your business and will add value to it. We have experience with a wide variety of clients and put that knowledge into practice with the aim of providing you with both a visually appealing, bespoke site and one that will provide as great a possibility of conversion of visitors as possible.