Free Advice From Go Spider On Social Media Mistakes

Free Advice From Go Spider On Social Media Mistakes

Using social media for marketing purposes makes sense. Not only are more social media platforms free to use but early everyone uses them meaning your audience are just waiting to see your post. You can reach your customers whilst they commute, whilst they wait for dinner to cook or when they are in the office by using social media.

Just because using social media is easy in general this doesn’t mean it’ll work for your business. This blog post will help you understand the do’s and don’t of social media marketing.

Have A Strategy

It may seem easy to just plan to do everything you can on your social media account but its important that you have a strategy in place. This is to ensure that once you gain an audience you will appear on their feeds consistently and they are likely to be engaged. Try an plan a certain number of posts a week, you can schedule these on most platforms to make life easier.

Don’t Do Everything At Once

Take on each type of social media marketing individually and once you have perfected that move onto the next one. This may take longer than just creating all of your accounts at once but, if you abandon an account because your content isn’t suitable (not enough quality images for Pinterest or Instagram for example) you are likely to negatively impact your SEO. Worth with your strengths and be consistent.

Paying For Fake Followers

Once upon a time in a world were social media bots weren’t as intelligent fake followers helped boost accounts, but this is no longer the case. The only purpose fake followers may serve is to make your business look more popular that it actually is on social media. However, having an account with thousands of subscribers/likers/followers that are never engaged by your content is negative for your social media presence.

If you have 98% of your followers never engaging on your posts (because they are fake) when the 2% of legitimate followers do comment or like your post they may not automatically have you content shown on their feed in future because Facebook has deemed you content as not worthy.

Talk About Different Topics

Try not to be focused on your brand and your business alone. Consider things that are important to people in your industry and maybe share those too. At Go Spider one of our managing directors is a business woman and mother, as a result we often post topics aimed at working parents or activities in the Manchester area where we are based.

Don’t Share Too Much

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Social Media is difficult because you want to post often enough that you are seen, but you also don’t want to post too much and then be considered spammy. At Go Spider when a customer asks us about this we often recommend between 1 – 3 posts a day depending on your type of business and the topics being posted. Never post more than 5 a day unless you are publishing news stories relevant to yours clients or are featuring an event that is giving unique information.

Social Media Is Hard, Don’t Underestimate It

Getting people to follow your social media accounts is difficult and its important you don’t underestimate that fact. We recommend you never ask any questions on your account if you risk not having any replies and also try and be yourself. Add some character into your social media presence. Create a page you would want to subscribe to and you’ll hopefully be onto a winner

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