SEO Opportunities Of 2018

SEO Opportunities Of 2018

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about getting your website traffic. This is done by using techniques to encourage Google and other search engines to rank you as high as possible.

There are many ways of earning a higher ranking on Google, we will discuss the most popular options available to your website in this article.

Earning Links

Links are a massive part of social media marketing, these often have several purposes to a website. Links to other respectable websites and visa versa help your website become respectable and recommended in the eyes of Googles algorithms. If you post a relevant link to your website on a website with a high domain authority you will gain google brownie points.

Mobile First Index

Mobile first indexing is often used as a baseline for search engine algorithms. This is because of the amount of people who use mobile devices to access websites. If your website is not meeting their accessibility requirements you will be ranked down. All websites in 2018 should be mobile friendly as a minimum.

standing seo lettersVoice Search

Many web consumers often use mobile phone or home speakers to access the net. Because of this it is important that your website is optimised for this type of contact. Devices with voice commands to access the internet are becoming much more reliable and therefore popular. If your budget allows it is worth making sure your website is optimised to accept trawling by voice activated devices.


Progressive Web Applications are a debated future of SEO. However, if you have the funds available to you it is well worth getting ahead of the trend and being ready for this probably eventuality. PWAs should work for all web users, regardless of their browser choice. They should also be accessible on all devices whether that be a mobile phone, a PC or another form of technology yet to emerge. They should also be accessible on poorer internet connections.

Structured Data

Having a site that has a site map and is ergonomically sound for your consumers is vital. Site maps allow search engines to crawl your website with ease. As a result of having a site map your search engine presence should increase significantly. It is also worth making sure your website is easy to navigate as a new visitor to improve the length of time people remain on your site.

Crawl Budget

A crawl budget is something to consider if you have a larger website with a significant web presence already. Low value URLs can often negatively affect a Google-bots process when crawling a site. It is worth taking time to check for errors and create crawl limited if you are at this stage in your SEO journey.

Semantic Wise Content

Google will crawl through sites with algorithms checking and identifying content based on its quality. It will disqualify content of a poor quality. This could be due to a low word count, or due to a lack of relevance to the websites usual topics. Its worth checking your content is relevant to your website before posting.