Reasons Why Your 10 Year Old Website Needs Updating - And How We Can Help

Reasons Why Your 10 Year Old Website Needs Updating - And How We Can Help

Websites have evolved a lot over the last 10 years, everything from the design, to the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is different. This means that a website that hasn’t been updated could potentially be losing you up to 70% of your potential business.

Don’t worry though, we’re here to help. We’ll outline what changes your website needs and also how you can do it.

Mobile Friendly Websites Are Necessary

Is your website fully responsive? Many websites from 10 years ago are not mobile responsive or have been poorly adapted. Many poorly adapted websites fail to keep their users interested for long enough as the ergonomics of the mobile site put them off. The future is mobile first.

Mobile friendly websites need to be easy to use whilst giving the customer what they need without endless scrolling. Buttons and links should be easy to use with every size finger and your brand must be visible. This set of requirements is very difficult for even the most experienced web developer. Make sure the company you use knows what they are doing.

If your website isn’t mobile friendly you could potentially be losing up to 70% of your business depending on your sector. This percentage is raising every year. If you don’t have a mobile friendly website at this stage you are already falling behind, but you could catch up fairly quickly with the help of a skilled website development team.

old phone vs new mobile phone

Website Layouts Have Changed Significantly

In the last 10 years the layouts of websites have significantly changed in almost every way. The pictures we prefer to use are more detailed and more pleasing to the eye. Simple design is considered to be better than cluttered web pages full of adverts. If you website currently has a lot of adverts on it the general conscientious is that your customers may be put off by this.

Try and limit your web pages to a maximum of 4 adverts. If your website is relient on adverts to succeed you can look into other ways of promoting other businesses on your website such as through featured products and listings or you could look into charging more for a slightly larger advert.

try and avoid flashing adverts if at all possible. Changing images and story telling within an advert are fine but flashing attention seeking, shameless adverts are often off putting and can put off a potential customer from using your website.

Search Engines Won’t Be Taking You Seriously

Search engines read through almost every website on the internet and then chooses how to rank it on it’s own directories. If you website is old, not mobile friendly or not search engine optimised to the modern requirements you website will be losing ranking. This means that less people will find your website through search engines. It is important for most businesses to try and be on the first few pages (minimum) of their key word search results. If you aren’t achieving this you will be losing out on sales and clients.