Eliza Emre

Eliza Emre

Eliza Emre Is The UK’s First Watch Hire Rental Service
Our web design team were tasked with creating a bespoke website that provided a professional and eye catching online platform for Eliza Emre to showcase the products they offer alongside incorporating several advanced features and functions.

The client required for customers to create a profile by logging into the website. Given their business is based on clients hiring luxury watches, ensuring visitors could first create their profile and then access it with the minimum of fuss was an essential part of delivering a positive user experience.

One of the key requirements when we commenced the project was that visitors could undertake a credit check as part of the profile creation process. Given the luxury products Elize Emre supply, this is a core requirement of their business and by automating this through the website, provides real value to them.

Effective, Sleek Design

Once the features were integrated, we began working on the branding on visual elements of the website. The quality of the watches Elize Emre have in their collection speak for themselves and this inspired our focus on ensuring the visual elements on various pages didn’t distract from those products.

We ensured the design and the coding adhered to all the latest search engine algorithms, while also linking the website to all the brands social media profiles.

Following the client Design Brief, we avoided garish colours and kept the pages neutral in tones. This feeds into ethos of allowing the products to speak for themselves.

Responsive To Mobile

At Go Spider, we recognise that consumer browsing habits have changed. With many web users browsing on smartphones and tablets, we ensure the website is fully responsive to mobile devices. With search engine algorithms demanding websites are responsive in order to display them in results, our team conducting in depth tests before completing the website.

Visit the Elize Emre website at: https://elizaemre.com/


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