The Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends For 2018

The Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends For 2018

Digital marketing has made traditional marketing all but redundant.

It’s cost effective, there’s a larger audience base and creative ways to target specific ads. The ways we utilise digital marketing is ever changing to keep up with the growing technology.

Check Out This Years Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends

1) Live Streaming

A live stream creates more excitement than an ordinary video.

On average viewers spend 3 X more time watching live videos than ordinary.

Brands are using these to cover product launches and trials.

2) Customisation

Customisation here refers to 2 separate concepts.

The first is the customisation of products. If we take shoes as an example online marketing and ordering has allowed for customers to customise the colours, size and width of the shoe.

Making it a personal and unique order which is more appealing than a mass produced one.

Marketing techniques them selves can also be customised. You can specifically target certain people with certain ads using their names to address them and capture attention

3) Data And Analytics

The way we collect and analyse data is growing. There are now more tools than ever to collect your sites data in the most specific ways.

They can collect geographical and demographical data. As well as tell you where your viewers are spending their time, right down to pinning their online behaviour.

4) AR And Wearable Technology

Wearable technology such as small devices designed for your wrist or an attachment for your glasses will inevitably change the digital marketing game vastly.

We have 20 years of experience when it comes to desktops and laptops in which to research users’ online behaviour. We aren’t sure how this behaviour will change with these wearable devices.

Pop up notifications are likely going to be big, as is geographical advertising. However, the short of it is, we just don’t know yet, but be prepared!

5) Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is an online marketing strategy that aims at reaching people on their smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices.
80% of internet users own a smartphone, the marketing industry has been honing the ways they can utilise this for their own benefit.

One strategy being used is SMS and MMS marketing, takeaways and taxi firms commonly use this.
This year however text message marketing will become more sleek and professional looking when used by larger companies.

6) Influencer Marketing

This isn’t a new concept, but it will continue to grow due to its unprecedented success.

Social media influencers have an audience all of their own who are devoted and loyal to their ‘idols’.
marketing firms are using influencers with similar demographics to their own target audience to demonstrate and promote products.

74% of people turn to social networks for guidance on their purchases!

7) SEO

The big one, search engine optimisation.

Where you rank on googles results list for your relevant keywords is crucial to your site traffic. The higher the position the more traffic is directed your way.

The correlation here is phenomenal, having your site fall to the second page of google dramatically reduces the number of visitors (and potential customers) who view your site.

There are many factors that contribute to a good standard SEO strategy. The big one is having good quality, regularly updated content that is associated with popular and relevant keywords or phrases.

8) Social Media Buy Buttons

These buttons are a new form of call to action buttons that promote convenience.

Their positioning and ease of use are a gentle encouragement to your customers. Placing these on social media also increases your audience reach.
Individuals can see peer purchases and feel reassured in your credibility and legitimacy as a company.

9) Marketing Automation

Marketing automations are software platforms and other technologies designed specifically for the marketing industry.

These technologies are designed to complete repetitive intelligent tasks such as sending marketing emails to specific groups of people targeted for them.

They are able to automatically market in a more effective way across multiple channels such as email, social media and mobile marketing.

10) Short Lived Content

This is exactly what it sounds like. Content that is released in real time and only available for a set period of time.

Snapchat was the first to pioneer this technology with Instagram stories following closely behind.
Marketers are using this technology to release limited offers and deals.

In doing this they’re encouraging customers to closely follow their online activity so as not to miss out. Driving both sales and traffic.

To End

Good quality content, service and products will always power on. When it comes to marketing these, its important to adapt and change as the online behaviour of your users and technology changes.

Let us know how you utilise digital marketing for your brand in the comments section below!

infographic on a duck egg blue background depicting the top ten digital marketing trends for 2018 each example is illustrated with a simple drawing