Check Out Our Top 5 Logo Design Trends To Rock 2018!

Check Out Our Top 5 Logo Design Trends To Rock 2018!

Web design can make or break your online business. But what about your logo design?
How important is your logo? Well your logo can become the most recognisable part of your brand if successful. You shouldn’t neglect its design.

Check Out Our Top 5 Logo Design Tips For 2018

1) Minimalism

The minimalism trend can be seen everywhere right now. From the runway through to technology. Less is more.

When considering your logo design a minimalist approach can be tricky. You don’t want the design to be boring or forgettable, but you do want to take away any unnecessary elements.

One of the most famous examples of this would be MacDonald’s’ golden arches!

2) Hand Drawn

Hand drawn logos are unique and personal to your business. A hand drawn logo has the ability to put across a very personalised message for your brand. This hand drawn technique is also becoming more popular in other web design elements such as graphics and icons.

Whether it’s your brands name or an illustration it is a way to convey a message at a glance and embody your brand through an image.

3) Negative Space

Negative space is the space around and between the subjects or objects within an image or logo.

It can be used to draw and reflect attention to the most relevant and important parts of your logo. It can also be use in more creative ways to convey almost subliminal messages that aren’t, at first, obvious.

Famous examples of this would be the ‘FedEx’ logo which uses negative space create an arrow between characters.

4) Line Art

When contemplating your logo design, line art definitely falls into the simplicity category. Line art is exactly what it sounds like.

Simple or even sometimes more complex designs created with a series of lines against a block colour background.
Line art creates an interesting and individual logo that stands out.

5) Vintage

Retro is back! Vintage logo designs are fun and create a nostalgic feel. These designs are usually purposefully faded and soft.

There’s a growing trend of vintage images for industries that have history. This is a fun and quirky way to engage customers and tell a story with your logo or image.

This trend is a stark contrast to minimalism, creating intricate colourful designs and detailed illustrations.


Logo trends will continue to change, do your research before committing as it isn’t always easy to change your logo to adapt to the newest trends.

Your logo should become a recognisable staple of your brand, major changes could affect this. It is ok to subtly adapt your logo thought to freshen it up with the latest trends!

Let us know in the comments section below what other logo trends you predict will be big this year!

infographic showing the top 5 logo design trends for 2018 on a white background with five images showing examples of each trend