Tips For Your First Business Website

Tips For Your First Business Website

Setting up a new business website can be a daunting experience. Your business could potentially suffer serious consequences if you get this stage in your businesses development wrong. At Go Spider we offer free advice and support throughout your websites development, from easy to use questionnaires about what you want from your website through to suggesting cost effecting solutions and design options.

Have A Clear Goal

It’s important when creating a new website for your business that you have a clear goal. This means that you should know what your website needs to achieve. For example: An Ecommerce website should be easy to use on mobile devices and computers alike. It should also sell your brand – think about colour schemes and discuss it with our designers.

For a brochure site you may want to notice an increase in enquiries to your business. Make sure you explain your goal to your web design team.

Write Your Own Content – Or Get It Professionally Done

Having your own content be unique and well written is especially important on websites that are wanting to rank high on search engines. Bots will trawl your website and rank it based on its individuality, the amount of words you provide on each page and your website in total will reflect on your websites ranking.
Humans reading your website will also appreciate the information to be written into bite sized chunks – make sure you add images, and make the website aesthetically pleasing to the human eye.

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State Your Purpose Clearly and Quickly

When people visit your site they need to know what you can offer them within the first 5 seconds of landing on your page. If you don’t do this you risk the person going to a competitor who’s information is laid out in a way they can easily understand. We recommend a 5 – 10 letter title that explains exactly what you do in a nutshell as the first text your customers will read.

If your website is slightly more complex, you can always add a longer more detailed explanation below this main title. Once you have got your clients attention you can afford to be more explanatory.

Tell Customers What You Can Do For Them

Once your customers understand exactly what your business is it’s now time to explain what you can do for them and how you are better than any of their competitors. Try not to just babble at them, be to the point. Use titles and web design effectively to sell your business.

If you are a eCommerce website start to sell them your items in an eye catching manner. If you are a brochure website continue to push options for them to contact you such as by including a contact us form or telephone numbers.

Remember Your Website Is A Ocean Of Opportunity

Your website is only limited by your imagination and budget. If you are limited on funds at the beginning of your website design project but would like to include additional functionality at a later stage in your businesses development – make sure you tell your website design team so they can make sure the website is not in any way limited at this stage in the process. This is a great way to save money later down the line.