Stay Current With These 8 Web Design Trends For 2018

Stay Current With These 8 Web Design Trends For 2018

Web design is forever changing. What was once eye catching and the height of technology is now stale and boring. In order to stay relevant it’s important to keep up to date with the trends.

Don’t put viewers off your website by looking outdated!

Check Out These 8 Web Design Trends For 2018

1) Cinemographs

High resolution and excellent quality images are the norm. They’re expected of a website of any level. Anyone with a smart phone can take HD quality pictures and upload them to their sites, these no longer surprise anyone.

Web designers are now adding a little magic to their page with moving pictures. Not quite videos but moving graphics. Think Harry Potter!

2) 3D Animation

Videos and 2D animation are old news. 3D Animation is a newer way to capture and hold your users’ attention.

These should be comprised of realistic elements in a constant moving stream. This will encourage users to spend more time on your site. Hopefully marvelling at your design!

3) Mood For Interface

This technology sounds like something out of the future, but it’s not. IT’s totally doable and available right now.

This is where your site uses your visitors’ online behaviour to predict their ‘mood’ and adjusts its interface accordingly. It can change colour, images, background and ads to suit your users current mood!

4) UX Writing

UX is user experience. Tracking exactly what your users are doing on your site and giving them the best experience.

Your visitors will no longer trawl through bodies of text to reach the information they want. They expect it ready and waiting. In the context of writing, UX writing will be concise to the point and get your message across quickly. Adding to the user experience and satisfaction.

5) Story Telling

Story telling is the latest way for your brand to get its message across.

It is exactly as it sounds; formal text is no longer appealing or interesting. By working your narrative into more of a story you’re connecting with your user and engaging them in your brands story for longer.

This has been shown to increase interaction, engagement and sales!

6) Expressive Typography

Expressive typography is the art of expressing your message through your visual texts, not taking the actual words into account.
Be creative with colour, font and layout to create interesting visuals for your site users.

7) Virtual Reality Video

Virtual reality video sounds like something pulled straight from an Orwellian novel. But it’s here and in use right now.
More and more companies are using virtual reality videos to showcase their products in the best most realistic light.

Furniture stores are showing you how their sofas will look in your home. Make up brands are letting you try on looks on your own face, all virtually.
This trend is going to blow up in 2018 and we’ll be seeing it everywhere!

8) Voice User Interface And Search

Voice searches have been around a while. Think Siri and Cortana.
They didn’t really take off with the traction expected, at first, they were used as a bit of a novelty. This year they’re being utilised with a purpose.

With the rise of voice operated technology elsewhere, such as the amazon echo or google home we’re going to see voice searches for websites sprig up everywhere.
It’s fast, easy and convenient.

In Short…

In 12 months’ time, this article will be redundant and a whole new set of trends will have emerged. If you want to stay relevant and keep your site looking shiny and fresh, it’s important to stay on top of the trends!

Let us know what other trends you’ve noticed emerging in 2018 in the comments section below!

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