LadBaby Wins Celeb Dad Of The Year Award And Social Media Success

LadBaby Wins Celeb Dad Of The Year Award And Social Media Success

From Lad to Dad, this is the catchphrase of a young Nottinghamshire lad documenting his evolution into a parent.

Mark Hoyle, the self proclaimed lad has just been awarded the Clas Ohlson Celebrity Dad Of The Year Award for 2018 after raising to fame with a series of viral videos posted on Facebook and YouTube along with his long suffering (but also hilarious) wife, Roxanne.

Whilst their rise to fame has been funny and entertaining for us all, we can actually learn some top tips for social media success based on their journey.


mark holding his two children

Relatable Content

One of the most magical things about LadBabys rise to fame is how relatable their content is, especially from a parents point of view. With their home made solutions to day to day issues, such as converting a skip into a swimming pool when the shops have sold out, through to a tool box converted into a childrens assorted snack tray. As such their stories and updates are always something you can identify with.

We understand that this can be difficult when you are working in an industry that people are only interested in on a professional level. However by merging two topics you’re usually onto a winner. Take working in a boring office every day. Perhaps you could upload some office pranks onto your social media pages to engage some light engagement?

Tag Lines And Memorable Features

LadBaby is known for his favourite phrase “YES MATE”. This is something that can be included in almost every single one of his videos or comments online. It’s even features in the many photo updates. By doing this fans of this channel will immediately recognise his character even if they don’t recognise Mark the lad solely by his facial features.

Using catchphrases are helpful in standard business advertising to help people understand a businesses products or aims. At Go Spider Web Design we thrive on the Manchester entrepreneurial spirit and use this in our own tag line “Web Design Manchester Style”. If you can create a short and sweet catchphrase for your own business it can massively help your marketing reach.

Regular Content

LadBaby keeps its audience engaged on social media by posting a minimum of once every three days or more. This keeps the social media algorithms happy. They also spend time engaging with their audience on a personal level by replying individually to comments. This may not seem like a high value marketing technique, but it is often wrongly under estimated. People like to feel like their comments and messages are appreciated and listened to. By replying to these engagements, you are likely to maintain and boost your popularity.

It’s Not What You Know It’s Who You Know

Knowing people in advantageous positions is often beneficial to your social media marketing. LadBaby’s success was limited prior to scoring a slot on The One Show with their swimming pool in a skip idea. They now use this publicity to advertise their page. If your business manages to get mentioned anywhere, such as a blog or on other social media posts – run with it.