Children Do The Funniest Things

Children Do The Funniest Things

As a mum to three boisterous children, aged 3, 8, and 14, and a business owner, I know all too well the struggles that come with running a business while parenting. Having launched my own web design business when I was pregnant with my youngest, I’ve got a lot of experience balancing my time been work and family life.

One of the things that I love most about being a working mum who runs her own business is the fact that I get the chance to have a career and raise my kids at the same time. Of course, the fusion between parenting and business does not always go smoothly – I have had the joy of experiencing some funny yet embarrassing things while trying to care for my kids and work at the same time.

Today, I am going to share with you some of the funniest working mother moments I have shared with my kids…

The time my four-year-old managed to stuff many beads into his ear (and all during a conference call)

While on a conference call, a video call I should add, with a customer, I gave my four-year-old a box of beads to make jewellery with. I presumed he was old enough to know where not to put them, but alas while I was distracted he stuffed many beads into his ear.

While in mid sentence I saw him putting a bead in his ear out the corner of my eye. I stopped mid sentence gobsmacked and gave him the ‘you’re in big trouble’ look while finishing my conference call. I lent over and grabbed the bead box from him and finished up my call as quickly as I could. He was perfectly fine, after a three hour wait in A&E for them to be removed.

sulking young girl folding her arms

The six-year-old swore while I was in a meeting with a customer

On a school holiday, I had the kids in the office with me, in the room next door playing. While I was mid conversation with a customer who had come into the office for chat, a clear string of the worst swear words comes from next door, straight from the mouth of my six-year-old.

I turned the brightest shade of red possible and apologised profusely to the customer, before telling my six-year-old off. It turns out some of the older kids at school has taught her them. Fuming was an understatement. Luckily my customer was very understanding and found the whole situation highly amusing.

My nine-year-old hid a whoopy cushion under my seat

Right before a meeting with an important investor, I had my nine-year-old son in my office waiting for collection for a playdate. He’d recently become obsessed with practical jokes, but I thought as I never left the room I was safe, alas I was not.

While my back was turned for literally 20 seconds, he managed to hide a whoopy cushion under my chair pillow so that when I sat down along with my important investor the whoopy cushion went off. He coughed and went red, pretending he hadn’t heard, while I quickly pulled out the whoopy cushion and made some comment about kids and their funny sense of humour. Oh the joys of parenting!

Kids are business don’t always mix well, especially when your little angels turn into little devils.