The Kids Are Back To School And The First Week Is Turning Into Chaos

The Kids Are Back To School And The First Week Is Turning Into Chaos

Well that’s it for another year, the children are all back at school and the daily routine was meant to start again where it left off.  If your house is anything like mine with 3 kids of differing ages your weekly routine may not have started off quite as easily as you might have wanted. Here are some tips to get you and your family back on track – You work depends on you not needing an hour to calm down after the school run!

Get Back Into The Bedtime Routine

Yes, I know we’re talking about the morning routine here, but the night before is important too. My youngest has been getting up too early and my oldest too late – we need to rectify this and quick before this mum spills her coffee in frustration.

Set a bedtime that works for your childs age. Consider how much sleep they need to not be too cranky in the morning and also take into account how long it takes them to sleep and any night time routines they maybe have. Do they read for half an hour before bed – send them to bed half an hour earlier to allow for this.

If your kids during this first week back haven’t seemed ready to go to sleep at this time of night consider feeding them earlier, excluding caffeine from their diet earlier and maybe even encourage a brisk walk around the block to get rid of that spare energy if needs be (If you have a dog and can get into this routine as a family I can assure you they’ll thank you for it 😊)

Organise The Evening Before

young boy snoozing next to a pile of books

When they come home from school arrange uniforms, homework and the next days requirements first before you do anything else. School shoes off at the door and put aside in a set place so they will not cause you a meltdown in the morning when that single friggin’ shoe cannot be found despite your frantic efforts.

Make it a part of your evening routine to get out cereals, bowls, spoons etc the night before so that you can focus on brewing your caffeinated nectar as a priority to help you cope with this glorious morning with your delightful rays of grumpy sunshine.

Set Aside Enough Time To Walk

Okay, not everyone lives close enough to school to walk straight there, but if possible rather than parking on the school’s doorstep try and arrange to park further afield and walk the last 5 minutes to the school building. It will be healthier for you and your children and also once you get into the regular routine you will meet other mums and dads in similar morning zombie routines that you can meet, and maybe even possibly communicate with! Parenthood is lonely business – use this opportunity to meet people who have children of similar ages.

Planning Is Key

I know it seems simple and obvious, but honestly, I’ve fallen short on all three of these routines this week and I plan on improving this week, and you can too! Give them a try and watch your personal health and your working productivity get better.