Why Your Business Needs A Website In 2018

Why Your Business Needs A Website In 2018

There’s no doubt about it, in 2018, one of the most crucial parts of a business’s presence is its website. It’s all well and good having a website designed, but any old website is no longer enough, that’s why business owners are now turning to web design professionals to create their websites for them. The fact is that today, a brand’s website is the hub of the business, which is what makes having the right design and layout so vital.

Various social studies have shown that if a website does not load quickly enough or lacks engagement, or it lacks content or has an unappealing layout, users won’t return to it or recommend it to their friends, they may even leave the site before doing what they open it to do. For this reason, there’s a real pressure to get web design spot on, ensuring that business websites are fast loading, have a responsive design, and incorporate the most incredible content.

When it comes to designing a website for any industry, these hacks below are vital. So have a read and take note of them, to give your web designing a boost.

Add A Story

Building a brand is all about creating a business concept that appeals to people, which is why adding a story to a website is so vital. Consumers have a passion for ‘realness’ which is why they like to know as much about a brand as possible, hence why adding a story to a website is such a crucial step. If consumers feel an emotional link to the people behind a brand, they’re far more likely to support it. So be open and honest and always add a story.

a wireframe website on different devices

A Responsive Design Is Vital

Since you want to ensure that your users get the best experience possible, a website with a responsive design is a must. Today, 80% of internet users browse the web via their smartphones or tablets, which means websites must be responsive and designed to work well on various devices. In today’s increasingly global world, there’s no point in designing a website that does not work on mobile devices.

User Experience Is Key

For any website that is designed to drive sales or build awareness, user experience is key. Users have certain expectations when it comes website design, and it’s vital that these are met. Simple things like fast loading times, easy to navigate sites, and clear and simple layouts are important to consumers. If a website is hard to use for any reason, users will be lost, and thus conversions.

Share Buttons Are A Must Have Feature

Word of mouth marketing has always been the best marketing, without a doubt. Today, word of mouth marketing has changed somewhat, and instead of people talking to each other and sharing business’s that they like, consumers are now sharing this information on social media. That’s why it’s vital that every brand’s website has social media buttons incorporated into it, both for sharing content and for following the brand. Make it easy for users to share your information, and you will find that you gain a much larger amount of engagement.

FAQ Page

As mentioned above, users like to be able to find what they need easily, which is why an FAQ page is such an important feature. Every business has questions that are frequently asked, so to make life easier for consumers, having an FAQ page is important. It’s little things like this that can vastly improve the consumer experience.

Web design comes with a large number of different factors to consider. Hopefully, those mentioned above will ensure that any website you design is of optimal quality.