The Top 10 Different Facebook Ad Types Explained!

The Top 10 Different Facebook Ad Types Explained!

Ever found yourself overwhelmed when marketing yourself or your brand on Facebook? There are lots of different ad types to choose from, so how do you know which one is for you?

Luckily, we’ve put together this handy guide to walk you through it!

Check Out These 14 Ad Types Explained

1) Boost Your Posts

Facebook gives you an option to ‘Boost your post’ under every post on your page. This can increase both your post and page views. You are able to specify the demographics you want the post to reach.

2) Promote Your Page

This is the go to ad for increasing your page likes. When using this type of ad you can also specify a demographic, think carefully about the type of people who will benefit from your page. These can include a visible ‘call to action button’ so users can easily like your page.

3) Reach People Near Your Business

Sometimes called the local awareness ad. This ad targets people who lives within a particular radius of your business. It can be displayed beautifully with pictures of your brick and mortar store to increase visitors. Use a call to action button such as ‘call now’ or ‘send message’ to make the most of this ad type.

4) Increase Brand Awareness

This ad is dissimilar to the others in that you aren’t advertising a particular product or post. Use this to increase the overall awareness of your brand. Coupled with images of your logo and a brief description of your services, this should make your brand more memorable.

5) Send Traffic To Your Website

Using this ad will display a link with images and text. If clicked these will take your users to your website. Be careful when specifying demographics here as people who aren’t that interested may come straight off the site and increase your bounce rate

6) Get Installs Of Your App

This app drives installations of your mobile app. It will be displayed on the mobile newsfeed showing a visible call to action button. Users will be encouraged to install and taken to their app store. Be sure your app is optimised for all device types!

7) Raise Attendance At Your Event

Targeted at event organisers, this ad is a great way to boost attendance. Use this to reach a larger audience by specifying the demographics of people who are likely to be interested and geographically close to the event.

8) Get Video View

Use this to boost the views of your video ads. Similar to the link click ads, but your links are videos. A handy tool when promoting products or services via video. Videos can be up to 120 mins long, but the best performing are between only 15 – 30 seconds!

9) Collect Leads For Your Business

This ad will offer users the chance to ‘sign up’ or subscribe. This is extremely useful to businesses wanting to put together an email list to later target with specific ads and offers. When specifying the demographics here, think about the kinds of consumers you later wish to target with those emails.

10) Increase Conversions On Your Website

This ad type is used to increase sales. It works by displaying a specific product or service or even an offer. It will show a visible call to action asking the consumer if they want to ‘buy now’ making purchases easier for people who may otherwise have not visited your website.

In Conclusion

Facebook ads are a useful marketing tool that are ever evolving. The geniuses behind facebook are finding more niche and targeted ways for you to use their site. Do your research and take full advantage of these. What are you trying to get out of your ad?
This guide should be a good referral point when choosing your ads in future.

Let us know in the comments section below if we’ve missed any or how you use ads!

infographic explaining the top ten different facebook ad types on a grey background using 2 alternating shades of green tonhighlight each ad type