7 Affordable Activities To Keep The Kids Entertained During The Summer Holidays - Part 5

7 Affordable Activities To Keep The Kids Entertained During The Summer Holidays - Part 5

Each week during the school holidays we are going to post 7 affordable activities to do on a limited budget. At Go Spider we understand that the school holidays can be draining, both for us and the kids! The teenagers want to stay cooped up in their rooms suffocating in their hormones and playing video games. The youngsters are constantly crying “I’m borrrreeedd” and seeking activities to entertain them (despite the mountains of toys littered in every corner of the house).

Check out our weekly list which will be published every Wednesday during the school holidays to help you plan your weeks on a manageable budget.

Spend Some Time Reading As A Family

There are several ways you can go about these activities, you know your family best so choose the option that suits your group best. You could have a period where each of you sits down and reads to the others – whether that be just the parents or the children could do some reading out loud too. Alternatively you could have some quiet time where you all read within the same space, but all read your separate books – it’s important with this type of activity that your child doesn’t feel like it is a punishment if they don’t generally enjoy reading so bear that in mind.

Really Don’t Want to Read?

If you child despises reading there are alternative ways to do a similar activity which is still beneficial to them. Reading is a great way to encourage a childs active imagination but stories can be digested through listening too. Perhaps you could encourage your little boy or girl to listen to pod casts or audio books?

You could also encourage them to listen to this type of thing when on journeys too to pass the time quicker (and easier without them dropping everything you brought to entertain them!)

Make Huge Bubbles

Everyone likes blowing bubbles right? It’s such a simple pleasure, but did you realise you can make super sizes bubbles using rope and sticks? I think the photo is pretty explanatory just make sure you have a whole loop. Also don’t spend a fortune on pre-mixed bubble liquid – just mix some fairy liquid with water – An amount that worked for us was 100ml of washing up liquid mixed with one litre of water and a tablespoon of glycerin.

Once you have mixed your liquid make sure that the whole of the loop is covered in the solution before you pull it out and start wafting to create oversized bubbles of glee!

Have A Pamper Day

boy with polished nails

This can be for boys and girls by the way! Pick up some sensitive skin face masks, have bubble baths with bath bombs suitable for children’s skin and paint your nails or play with each others hair. You can also do each others make up. For the lads you can use clear nail polish if they don’t feel comfortable with the coloured stuff. If you get dad involved too you’ll probably evoke some confidence in your boy child to be more emotionally involved too – most girls of course will love this activity.

Teach Them How To Recycle And Why We Do It

Children are passionate little creatures, but they often need a reason to do something (there’s a reason the word why is so overused by toddlers). If you speak to your kids about the reason why we recycle, along with some pictures of a television programme about he subject (we recommend anything narrated by David Attenborough) they’ll become very emotionally engaged. Once you have done this you can show them how recycling is done in your house.

This isn’t a 1 time only deal, once this has been taught you can encourage your children to consider the materials they are using and make them sort through their rubbish and recycle responsibly.

Make A Insect Nook

insect house

Insect houses can be made out of pretty much anything that is natural. If you have twigs within walking distance of your home you have a fun and mostly free activity (you may need some twine to attach it all together or some wood screwed together to make a frame for your bugs humble abode. cut plastic bottles or old plant pots are a easy, and almost free option for framing too

This activity is a great opportunity to speak to your children about insects and their responsibilities in the world. For example bees pollinate the flowers, or spiders catch the flies etc. You could also make this into a scavenger hunt if you like. What insects can you find whilst finding supplies for their new homes?

Get A Paddling Pool

If you haven’t done this already you are seriously missing out! Pools can often be quite an expensive thing to fork out on at first, but once you have one they are awesome! Kids will spend hours and hours splashing and sploshing in the pool. They should always be supervised though.

Its worth noting that paddling pools are not a throw away item. Keep them clean, and take care to wash them and dry them when the sun has gone in ready for next time the sun comes out and you want to splish, slash and splosh.

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