7 Affordable Activities To Keep The Kids Entertained During The Summer Holidays - Part 4

7 Affordable Activities To Keep The Kids Entertained During The Summer Holidays - Part 4

Each week during the school holidays we are going to post 7 affordable activities to do on a limited budget. At Go Spider we understand that the school holidays can be draining, both for us and the kids! The teenagers want to stay cooped up in their rooms suffocating in their hormones and playing video games. The youngsters are constantly crying “I’m borrrreeedd” and seeking activities to entertain them (despite the mountains of toys littered in every corner of the house).

Check out our weekly list which will be published every Wednesday during the school holidays to help you plan your weeks on a manageable budget.

The Runway Visitor Park At Manchester Airport

This place is free (yup you heard that right FREE) for members of the public who walk there or attend via public transport, but parking is charged at £5 per 2 hours. but for a family trip out this is a bargain still right? Whilst you are there you have the opportunity to see the planes fly straight over your head to or from the runway – usually close enough to actually see people peering out of the windows! How awesome is that!

There is also a restaurant, some static planes to have a look at and on a weekend you’ll be able to board at least one of the planes for a better look around, free of charge. There are also picnic benches scattered around if you want to bring your own lunches (just please don’t feed the birds as it’s a risk to the planes).  Book here for advanced tours of the planes.

Do Some Decorating

Now this activity isn’t the cheapest thing to do in the world, but it is something that most of us will be planning to do at some point so why not get the kids involved too? By decorating we mean everything from moving around a room to completely repainting or wallpapering – do what is within your means.

A fantastic idea we saw was allowing (older) children to draw pictures on your hallway – give each child a section to do a day and create a masterpiece that will be in the house for the years to come. It will be a lovely talking point for any of your guests and will always make you smile.

Visit Family Members

family meet up posed photo

Plan a day trip out to visit family members. Being able to interact with loved ones during the holiday will keep your children well socialised and also keep your family happy too. A visit to the park with the family is an added bonus, but just going over to their house for the day for that change of scenery will help you with the parenting and also give you an opportunity to speak to another adult.

Have A Bonding Trip Out For School Supplies

I’ve done this with my daughter and I recommend giving them a strict budget on what they can spend and then taking them shopping for what they need. Bear in mind that it is considered a norm for children to have a new school bag and accessories at the beginning of the year.

I personally don’t agree with these expected purchases but unfortunately if you don’t you risk your child being teased for not having what everyone else has – for this reason I do it – but on a budget. Bags don’t need to be expensive and neither do pencil cases and books – encourage your child to plan ahead with their limited funds and make this into an educational experience as well as a bonding one.

Do A Car Boot Sale

car boot sale with children

School holiday are great opportunities to encourage your children to clear out toys and clothes they no longer use (you could do this whilst moving around their bedroom suggested above). They will be moving up in the world – another year higher at school – use this to your advantage to encourage them not to hoard all those toys they don’t need anymore. You could use the profits to get them the school equipment they wanted or to pay for another day out.

The Car boot sale itself is a great morning activity. It’s involves maths when counting out money, planning when getting out the table full of your wears and also helps their social skills when selling and talking to potential customers.

Do Some Chores

The School holidays don’t mean the children don’t still have responsibilities – if anything this is an opportunity to show them that their mess has consequences and means it needs cleaning. But also show them that even without making mess the house will still need cleaning – windows for example will need washing, hoovering floors, mopping up (unless you have lino… I never recommend a child be let use with that much water on lino flooring).

Chores can also involve making a meal for the family whether this be sandwiches or maybe making a pasta dish for older and responsible children.

Bath Your Dog/s

drying dog after a bath

Before doing this I recommend you have every single towel in your house absolutely soaked – but it’s a great fun activity for the children, and it helps your pooches odour problem – you’re house will smell a million times better within a matter of hours of bathing your dog.

We recommend whilst the children are busy bathing the dog – you wash the sofa throws/cushions – it’s a mare we know but it makes sense to do these two things at the same time.

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