7 Affordable Activities To Keep The Kids Entertained During The Summer Holidays - Part 3

7 Affordable Activities To Keep The Kids Entertained During The Summer Holidays - Part 3

Each week during the school holidays we are going to post 7 affordable activities to do on a limited budget. At Go Spider we understand that the school holidays can be draining, both for us and the kids! The teenagers want to stay cooped up in their rooms suffocating in their hormones and playing video games. The youngsters are constantly crying “I’m borrrreeedd” and seeking activities to entertain them (despite the mountains of toys littered in every corner of the house).

Check out our weekly list which will be published every Wednesday during the school holidays to help you plan your weeks on a manageable budget.

Visiting An Animal Shelter

Warning – this will not be a cheap visit if you come home with an animal, but if you can resist all the cute faces you can have a really nice time at an animal shelter. You could enquire about volunteering if you want your children to have animals in their lives bu can’t have any at home too. Older children can help with dog walking, younger children can help with cleaning out smaller mammals or just brushing and socialising these lovely animals.

This is an educational trip which could really help your children understand the responsibilities of having pets and also develop an appreciation for all the different species and breeds of animals that exist within your local area.  We recommend a pet spider!

young boy singing on karaoke

Enjoy A Karaoke Session

The weather has got much cooler this last week or so so you may be looking for a few indoor activities to keep the kids entertained – Karaoke can do this for hours and hours on end if your children are into that kind of thing. It’s a confidence building experience where they can sing and perform in front of others. I recommend you have a limit on playing same song more than once though or you may end up singing “Let it be” over and over and over…. and over again. Reading lyrics quickly on the screen is a very discreet way of helping with your child’s reading too.

Visit A Botanic Garden

Botanic gardens are beautiful and often very cheap to enter. They offer a whole variety of plants and flowers and often wild animals too. Many of these places offer scavenger hunts for you to complete, but you could add to this by taking your own scavenger hunt too – how about collecting some pine cones to take home and decorate during your next home craft session. Or maybe you could encourage your budding artists to draw their favourite flowers and write about why they like that particular flower. Talk to your children about the insects that help the plants to survive and maybe try and find a few of those too.

young boy running with a kite

Take A Kite Somewhere Fun

Kites are brilliant inventions right? You have to run to get them going and can’t stop managing them the whole time they are in the sky otherwise they’ll just fall back down kids never seem to want to let it fall down so they’ll spend ages tugging on that little piece of string. This is another of those activities you can tie in with a day time craft activity too – make your own kites! Seeing something fly that they created themselves is exhilarating for kids, it boosts their confidence and also makes them enjoy the activity 10X more.

Go To A Free Museum

Museums are brilliant, they store interesting things, provide activities for children and also are usually free or very cheap – especially the smaller ones.  Many museums during the holidays have activity days or hours on where they have something a little bit different going on. Doing this type of thing means you won’t just be going around the same old stuff over and over again if you decide to visit again, you’ll instead be encountering new friends and activities to do each time you visit. These sessions are usually advertised on social media or the museums very own website. Just a small amount of prior planning involved in this day out.

a child in a blanket fort

Create A Table Fort

Make believe games are so much fun – throw a sheet over a table or between a couple of chairs and you have yourself a den! Dens can be used to house an army, create cunning plans, hide from the wicked witch of the west and often with the younger ones… turn into places to fall asleep. Encourage the role play of the fort and invite friends or siblings to play along too. much fun will be had within the fabric walls of that mini world.

Pick Some Fruit

There are places all over where you can pick fruit for free or very cheaply. Many area have specific strawberry and other delicious fruits can can be collected in punnets for a small price. Alternatively when you are in your local area keep an eye out for fruit trees (especially apples) on public property or blackberry bushes – take a bucket and pick as many as you can manage.

Once home you can make your accumulated fruits into pies, crumbles, smoothies or once the kids have gone to bed you can make some cider or wine! I know I will be doing! If you can’t find any fruit, see what can be make with local flowers too – dandelion wine is a firm favourite in my family.

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