7 Affordable Activities To Keep The Kids Entertained During The Summer Holidays - Part 1

7 Affordable Activities To Keep The Kids Entertained During The Summer Holidays - Part 1

Each week during the school holidays we are going to post 7 affordable activities to do on a limited budget. At Go Spider we understand that the school holidays can be draining, both for us and the kids! The teenagers want to stay cooped up in their rooms suffocating in their hormones and playing video games. The youngsters are constantly crying “I’m borrrreeedd” and seeking activities to entertain them (despite the mountains of toys littered in every corner of the house).

Check out our weekly list which will be published every Wednesday during the school holidays to help you plan your weeks on a manageable budget.

2 children making kebabs
Master Chef For Kids!

Encourage your children to get involved in the daily routine of making meals. This can be done in a fun competitive way if you have more than 1 child – or you could just make it a competition between yourselves. Children love to take pride in something they have made by eating it – and because they’ve made it they won’t get half way through the meal and decide they don’t want it anymore. 3 birds: 1 stone!

Ideas include:

  • Pizzas (Savoury and sweet)
  • Fruit Salads
  • Scones (Savory and Sweet)
  • Sandwiches
  • Wraps
  • Burgers where they can add their own salad, cheese and sauce
  • Kebabs

Scavenger Hunt At A Local Market Or Even A Superstore

A day out with the kids doesn’t need to be expensive or even 100% focused on them. Consider making your usual daily routines more child friendly such as by incorporating a scavenger hunt into your weekly shop. Rather than just picking up items and putting them in the shopping trolley you can ask them questions about each item as item. For example if you pick up a Apple you could ask a younger child what colour it is and the shape, or an older child could be asked what vitamins it includes.

2 young boys eating popcorn on a sofa
Have A Film Night

As we all know, visiting the cinema as a family is expensive (even with the 2for1 offers). We propose you buy some popcorn, snacks and hire a film at home you haven’t seen before – turn of the lights and enjoy – no phones or games consoles allowed – just like the cinema but in the comfort of your own home.

Make Laundry A Family Activity

From finding it littered around the house, sorting it into colours, and even folding and putting away – make it into a competition or even a shore where they can earn some pocket money – and hopefully some respect for the copious amounts of mud they cake on their clothes like a second skin (maybe that’s a step to far?).

a family playing board games
Play Board Games

There is a reason all the same board games are still around after all these years (albeit with added branding) it’s because they are safe, often educational and FUN games to play. They teach children how to play with others, maths, patience and also teaches them that you don’t always win in life – and that’s okay! Depending on your children’s age ranges there are load of different games to try and all are affordable in comparison to a day out spending money on every corner.

Try Pokémon Go

If you really can’t drag your children off their mobile phones, instead try and encourage them to play Pokémon Go as a family. You’ll have the opportunity to catch loads of fictional characters, raid gyms together as a family, and take over your local town. The game actively encourages walking and visiting landmarks to collect needed items for your Pokémon adventure.

young girl taking a photograph of another girl
Have A Picture Taking Contest

Keeping on the theme of not being able to drag your children from their technology – use that towards a free activity. Create a photo taking contest with the kids and even Mum and Dad. Include the whole family and you’ll probably end up with some surprisingly good photos worthy of a place on your wall (this can be the prize – will only cost you a frame). You’ll create memories and art in one sweep. To make this into an activity that can be used week after week you can choose themes and colour palettes to follow.