About us

Hello there, my name is Natasha Winters.

I own and run Go Spider, which is small family business that me and my now ex-husband started up together. I run this business on my own with help from a few awesome employees. I am a firm believer of paying my staff a fair wage with added bonuses, that way I know they can afford day to day life comfortably just like everyone should.

This business means the world to me, I work hard to put food on the table for my 3 children; Sammie, Harrison and Lilly. Lilly is my foster child, I fostered her into our family a number of years ago. Lilly has well and truly been a huge blessing to our family and I thrive to give her the best in life. She had a very unfortunate start in life with nobody to look after her or take care of her; the way that she deserves. When I first fostered Lilly she was a very shy, broken young lady who was terrified of anything and everything. She has come such a long way since then and has the most outgoing and bubbly personality, along with a quirky sense of style.

I made the decision to ask Lilly if she would like to join my little team here at Go Spider part time to earn a little bit of pocket money each week and help her grow a sense of independence. So, she helps me out in the office a couple days a week. And I must say, she is a super star!!

It is really important to me and all my staff here at Go Spider to help small businesses provide for family’s the best we can, that’s why we make our prices as affordable as possible. I have a brilliant team working for me and I am very grateful of all their hard work.

You will receive only the best service here and that is a promise.